Strange bedfellows

Critics of the war on drugs are finding their side of the debate a little less lonely due to some new allies:

  • Televangelist Pat Robertson recently saw the light. Regarding marijuana prohibition he said, “We just can’t do it anymore…You don’t lock ‘em up for booze unless they kill somebody on the highway.”
  • “We have realized that the strategy in the fight against drug trafficking in the past 40 years has failed. We have to look for new alternatives,” says Guatemalan President  Oscar Perez Molina. Vicente Fox, former president of Mexico, has been even more strident in his opposition to the war on drugs.
  • Billionaire Richard Branson has long opposed drug prohibition, but his recent statements are getting attention. “The prohibition of drugs has worked no better than the prohibition of alcohol, and serves only to empower violent criminal cartels and harm U.S. citizens.”
  • According to reason, a new paper by the chief medical officers of three Canadian provinces states “law and order harshness does nothing to sate appetites for drugs, marijuana in particular is not terribly bad for people, and U.S. policies are just awful so why emulate them?”

Joe Biden remains steadfast in his support for prohibition.

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